Friday, December 5, 2008

What should be the next typeface documentary?

(photo from helvetica website)

Jenn was getting annoyed that the VILLATYPE ASKS... section hasn't asked anything lately. She posed a few possible questions I could ask and this was one of them:

If another documentary was made on a typeface which would you like to see?

Okay, maybe talking about the Helvetica movie is getting a little tiresome but I thought it would be interesting to find out what typeface villatypers think is worthy of a documentary style discussion. I would suggest Franklin Gothic as it seems to be a necessity for many graphic designers, like an extra limb that you cannot live without. Or, more than a documentary on another typeface, I would rather see a full feature film on Massimo Vignelli.

Some links on Helvetica the documentary:
Here is an interview with Gary Hustwit from I.D.
The Helvetica website

So, what do you think? Or is there even another typeface worth talking about on the same level that Helvetica was?


Jenn L said...

maybe avant garde would make an interesting documentary.

Oscar said...

I think the Swiss modern movement would be interesting. Obviously some overlap with Helvetica.

Anonymous said...

Only one font has the same love/hatred quotient as Helvetica... Comic Sans...

ross said...

Can't think of any other worth while type face that has had quite the same impact as Helvetica.

How 'bout a documentary on some of the more colourful characters in the film... I think Michael Bierut was my fave.

Perhaps in 30 years someone will do a doc about Rod's Slate; the quietest, human sans (in my opinion).

LHW said...

That "Behind the typeface" feature on Cooper Black is pretty funny... google it.

Anonymous said...

A documentary on how much people hate Comic Sans.

Or a Mockumentary on how much people adore it.

Anonymous said...

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