Sunday, January 20, 2008


I went to Buffalo yesterday for the WNYBAC fontlab workshop put on by Richard Kegler of P22. The workshop was great, I am now inspired to work on my typeface with a bit more skill and knowledge.

I planned on taking some great shots of type in Buffalo before I took the bus back to Toronto but I ended up catching an earlier one out... and the light was fading... I only managed to take some drive-by shots, none of them really turned out except these two. Maybe on my next visit.

Sorry, this doesn't do justice to Buffalo, there was some great stuff, I just couldn't get it from the highway.

Happy to be home!

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Anth said...

personally, i'm glad you didn't get held at the border for concealing type slugs. love the updated underground font from P22 -- the humanistic alternates are super fun! (see pdf: