Monday, March 31, 2008

Found in Buffalo

With Buffalo New York as the Host city for Typecon 2008, we present a few examples of found type around the city of Buffalo.

a Flickr group dedicated to more found type around Buffalo can be found here.


Jenn L said...

those photos are really great. it definitely gives another light to Buffalo

Milks said...

the kenmore lanes is very interesting and I like the painted brick walls, Buffalo had some of the most interesting painted brick signs when I last went down. I think Typecon is going to be amazing this year (wish I could go).

Anth said...

choice of 25 WHAT???

R Kegler said...

"choice of 25 WHAT???"

Good Question! The building was painted bright blue for years and recently bought and it is being stripped by the new owners. The signage under the paint seemed to resist the stripping and that is all that has emerged. The building is on Delaware Avenue near City Hall