Thursday, May 22, 2008


In the Toronto Star today you will find an article about a person's preferred typeface. I was honoured to be interviewed alongside Rod McDonald. I thought it was going to be about how type influences people but it was more about the typefaces themselves — interesting. Under my picture is a quotation about what font the numeral 87 was, I mentioned I didn't know if it was a typeface per se, the rounded edges were probably so people wouldn't cut themselves and it was likely in the Helvetica or Arial genre of sans (particularly with the slope on the 7), I wasn't quite expecting to be quoted on that (yikes!) so please, I beg of all the type experts out there, don't rip me apart after reading this article! Overall, I thought it was an interesting read and I'm happy to see typefaces (not fonts, as stated through out) being discussed in the newspaper.

Also, last night I attended the typeclub to hear Rod McDonald and Dominic Ayre speak about digital typography, I will post a review later this afternoon or tomorrow.


Jenn L said...

it was really good mandy! Love the quote about the kids.

ross said...

your cat scares me.

good job on the interview!

Joe said...

bring a copy down!

(yeah Mandy!)

Peter Ferguson said...

Congrats on the Article Mandy, your former nightshift crew congratulate you on the article and photo op =).

Sonya found the article and it's now posted up on the corkboard in comp.

Congrats again, and be sure to stop by one day when you have insomnia, we'd all love to see you again.


carmel dias said...

whoa like joey lawrence!
thats hot stuff! I read it last night! Great job Mandy!

Russell said...

Congrats on the article.