Sunday, November 18, 2007

Enter/No Parking

A few weeks ago they repainted the lines for the laundromat across the street from me in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Gotta love the backwards "N". Also the "NOP A RKING" letter spacing.


Milks said...

Also, wouldn't you paint the enter in front of the entrance and not that one parking spot? I'm also confused by the no parking to begin with, is it a drive-through laundry mat? That would be awesome if you could dump the clothes in one window then drive up to the next one and pick them up all clean and folded and with a side of fries.

Joe said...

Admit it Lee, you just love saying "Bushwick, Brooklyn"

Do love that "N" though.

LHW said...

BUSHWICK represent! look out or i'll move into your hood joe.