Sunday, November 4, 2007

A few randoms

Good old cooper black. However, it should say "please wait hours to eat and just eat whatever we serve you"... bad brunch experience

This little subway sign is in Toronto outside Bloor station, it doesn't look like any of the TTC signage and the blue is confusing. Maybe it's one of a kind. BTW, I missed the TTC typewalk because brunch took many hours (see above). Hopefully I will catch the next one.

This is more like it (found underground at entrance to Bloor station)

So long sweet summer (sigh). Taken at the foot of Spadina on Queens Quay


Jenn L said...

oh man what brunch place was that?

Milks said...

that would be The Lakeview.

Milks said...

I stand corrected it is Souvenir bold, not Cooper black (thanks Nick)