Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ossington Vintage

There is some great (and not so great) vintage shops on Ossington between Queen and Dundas. The type also has that preloved vintage aesthetic that I am really into right now. Some of the type was as smelly as a few of those shops but it all added to the Ossington backdrop. I think I have to go back and document more of the type before this neighboorhood is taken over by shiny new condos, major retailers and Starbucks, as it seems destined to be.

Oh, just west of Ossington on Dundas is a great little used book shop called The Monkeys Paw (recommended by Emma) that also sells old typewriters and metal type. Jenn also picked up a pretty sweet yellow purse during our adventure.

Here are a few of the shots I managed to grab between the mini rain storms and my battle with dust allergies:

That last one was actually on Dundas Street.

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