Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Retro Reitmans

I had noticed this old Reitmans billboard signage while waiting for one of very many red lights on the extra-traffic-filled Decarie Blvd.

From my highly limited Reitmans knowledge, there used to be a department store in this area in the 40's. I can't tell what is there now. The logo feels very art deco to me. I love how the angled end of the cross stroke of the "t" falls to the angled "a" and the wonky "s"...

... and here's today's logo for comparison.


Jenn L said...

that 's' is mental

Milks said...

that 's' is mental. I do prefer the old logo, I always thought the Reitman's logo looked liked a student project where you stretch the crossbar across the word or extend the tail of a "y" as an underline.