Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Views of Montreal

I, too, was in Montreal this weekend. Here are some of the "hits".

Downtown building entrance

Fire hydrant signage

Clock at McGill University entrance

Danger: falling spikes

Watch out for Handball

Odds of getting a parking ticket here - 1:1

Flower shop sign

Apartment building entrance


Anth said...

you ARE a pompous architect! or maybe it's the glasses that magically force you to turn you into one. either way, welcome to the club old chap.

love the metal cobwebs in the first one.

Milks said...

crazy apartment entrace! I need to move to Montreal.

I like the information overload, moody night parking signs best.

Milks said...

and that poor guy in the DANGER sign has no idea he is about to be impaled by falling cartoon daggers.

Tyler Greenleaf said...

Emily's mom actually lived in the Park Lane building. She said it looks much better now than it did back then. It's funny to think that a type that may have looked too cheesy or trendy back then now looks so unique and beautiful.