Sunday, August 26, 2007


Found these shots from my trip to Egypt back in 2003. From top: Arabic McDonald's in Sharm el Sheik, interesting hyphenation in Coptic Cairo and a utility box in the suburb of Maadi.

After taking a photo of the U.S. embassy, I was held by police. In order to keep my camera (and secure my freedom), I had to delete a lot of my type photos. They didn't understand my interest in signs - and thought I was up to something. Somewhere in Cairo, there's a file on me.


Milks said...

Lee, are you some sort of international man of mystery? Did you throw any guys off boats or jump off any trains? What are you really doing in New York?

Also, did they have any weird McDonald's food that they don't have here?

Good type images. It's interesting how they hyphenate CHUR_CH

LHW said...

Although the signs are in English, I suspect they draw them from right to left — or have a hard time grasping the western left to right technique.

I didn't go into a McDonald's while in the Middle East. The Iraq war was just starting (does anyone remember operation "Shock and Awe") and there was a lot of anti-American sentiment going around, including the boming in Riyadh the week before.