Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Smartest Town Ever

This is in Chaffey's Lockes, the itty bitty town on the Lake with my cottage.
It may seem like a little place that's a bit behind the times, but they are real pregessive with their signage and waist no time when it comes to recognizing good design and interesting type, if only Toronto would take a hint from Lake Opinican.


Milks said...

Is this real? It's fantastic.

Emma Wright said...

yeah, Best town EVER!

LHW said...

WHAT... that's so cool. I can't believe no one has taken that sign.

Stewf said...

Remarkable. Someone should track down those responsible for the sign and give them an award.

Wish they would have used the word "letters" or "lettering" or even "sign", though. Because "type", by definition, is not hand rendered.