Wednesday, October 3, 2007

new contributor - me studio (hello from me)

well hello there, i've been asked to join in and here are some of my pics from a recent visit to sicily, i also post found type regularly on my blog ( so expect some more soon (Tokyo, France and the UK for example)


Milks said...

Thanks Martin! I have added your site in the side bar for more found type.

These samples are great, were the letters peeled or melted off in the second sample? Looks like they have morphed into weird bubble letters.

jordan said...

Phil Baines & Catherine Dixon's Signs: Lettering in the Environment is a brilliant survey of international wayfinding and architectural typography – it doesn't touch the weathered and distorted signs, though! These are beautiful.

me studio said...

on the second one melted (the board was white and the blue background is a sticker thats just disintegrated in the sun, the lower one is white sticker letters that have also disintegrated in the sun, thanks for the link!