Monday, October 1, 2007

toronto east

old painted signage on one of the buildings (destined to be "reclaimed" as condos) in the distillery historic district.

once you enter the main gooderham & worts brewsite (now full of expensive shops and various arts organizations), you are greeted by various vestiges of the original structures, such as this metal sign. it looks like it was cut using some rotary and other hand tools, and filled in with some sort of material (black paint or other filler, perhaps?).

on the eastern edge of the distillery lies one of toronto's oldest (and now closed down) greasy spoons, the canary.

and finally, i can't help but post some new and old type on posters outside the young centre.


Milks said...

Amazing post Anthony and amazing posters. Beautiful use of Parisine.

jfp said...

Yes, thanks for it. Nice use! I have published it with credits here: